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Meet the Owner

Emily Christie

Hi, I'm Emily Christie, FIT4MOM Twin Cities, and a participant since 2008.

My first time as a student, I needed help. I had just relocated to a new, very small city with a 6 week old and knew no one. I signed up for every mom's group I could find online, and hoped I'd make some friends in my new city. The first thing I did was take a Stroller Strides class, and it felt like going home. I didn't bother to go to anything else. I had found my VILLAGE.

After a c-section, working out was a little scary, but the classes were formulated so that people who were recovering from surgery could do the same exercise as someone with a 2 year old who regularly runs long distance, just at a different intensity. When I moved again, a year and a half later, I checked for Stroller Strides first. When the owners decided to sell, I jumped at the chance to give back a little of what I got out of Stroller Strides.

That feeling of welcome that I got when I went to my first class and knowing that you're going to get a great workout, no matter what your fitness level, is what I strive for. And every kid is welcome, no matter how they feel that day. That's just part of what having kids is all about.


You make ALL the difference.