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Carpe Diem. TODAY.

I have this problem. I have a really hard time when people who LOVE the thing they love act like you're bad or wrong if you don't.

Why is this such a problem? I own a Fit4Mom franchise. I love the people who run this business dearly, and I BELIEVE in their idea that moms do better when we work out together, lean on one another for support, and are better mothers when we take time for ourselves. I quote Lisa Druxman, the founder, and Farel Hruska, the Fitness Director, to my clients. What they say makes sense to me.

However, I will not tell someone that Lisa’s way is the only way. If you are a mom, and you get more out of getting on a treadmill when the kids are still asleep, or doing Cross Fit or Zumba, FINE. If you come to my class and decide that no, you would REALLY prefer to check your kid into child care and get some alone time, FINE. My way is NOT the only way.

What is the only way? YOUR WAY. As someone who cares for a child, you deserve the following:

  • To take care of yourself.
  • To feel like care-giving isn’t taking everything away from you.
  • To know that you have people to trust and to lean on—WHOEVER that might be.
  • To belong to a village.
  • To be a role model of living right (whatever that means to you!) to your children.

A friend is now doing a Couch to 5k—not mine, it’s okay, I still love her—and her two daughters want to go with her. The girls are finding JOY in running with their mother. Her path to better fitness is paving the way for her girls’ path to what could be a lifetime of good health. A year ago, she said she hadn’t wanted to spend an hour away from her kids working out. This year, she’s spending an hour WITH her kids, working out.

At my Fit4Mom business, I try to provide some of this joy to people through fitness classes and Our Village—our mom’s club. Teaching a class and seeing people become HAPPIER during that class (even if they hate me a little for some of that time) fills my cup. That is MY way. I want everyone to be healthier and fitter, and to pass that along to their own kids. So whatever your way is, go out and get it.


You make ALL the difference.