Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

It’s not you, it’s me. No, really.

You have been a good pal, a way for me to deal with my anxiety, something to stare at while I’m having trouble falling asleep. But lately, the outrage du jour, the political hand wringing, the way you allow people to use a screen to block off their sense of common decency, all is coming together to leave me with a constant sense of overwhelm.

I love that 90% of moms with children under 5 have Facebook accounts that they access at least daily. You have provided me with a great way for me to connect with my friends, my family, and people who I have loved going back to my childhood.

I love that I can learn more about my dad’s Parkinson’s through an online support group—you are GREAT for support groups. I know more about what my dad is going through, even though he will never talk to me about it.

But I don’t love that people seem to forget that they are talking to other human beings. People have so much anger, and when they aren’t looking at a face or body language, they don’t need to think about how what they say will make another human being feel.

I also don’t like that being with you is taking up so much of my valuable time. One cute kid pic turns into 10 minutes of checking my 27 notifications. Are you even kidding me?

So while I need you, I just don’t want to see you as often. I have things I want to do with my time, and seeing people’s ACTUAL FACES is way more important to me.

I get a great deal of joy from spending time in my classes, because I get to spend time with human beings. So I think I’ll do more of that. I also really love spending time with my kids, even though it can be mentally exhausting. No matter how mad they get, they won’t bring politics into the conversation or ever call me a really bad word. They are really great for that (for now.) And I haven’t been getting enough of my own workouts in. That really needs to change. Because having my face in front of a screen is NOT helping me get faster or stronger.

So while I love you, I just think we need to spend less time together. No hard feelings.




You make ALL the difference.