Love yourself first!

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and my husband will be working all weekend, so it got me thinking about what I’d do for the kids so they’d see it as a fun time rather than about couples.

I mean, Valentine’s is all about sharing some special time with the one you love, right? St Valentine was actually a Roman era priest who helped Roman soldiers get married even though they were forbidden to do so. So okay, forbidden but blessed love at the same time. Way cool.

I actually had written a whole post about getting some self-love just by letting the chips fall while you lock the bathroom door for 2 minutes of peeing alone.

But then I started listening to Lisa Druxman’s Motivating Mom podcast. Lisa is a truth teller. I had heard her story, but she digs down and gets to the point of things. It made me really sit and think about what I was prioritizing. And it got me onto a whole other train of thought. (After I wiped the tears from my face, that is.)

Her point in her very first podcast is that taking care of yourself is a GIFT not just to yourself, but to your family. When you live your very best life, you show your children how to do that. You lead your WHOLE family down a road to well-being.

I tell people this ALL the time, but lately I have been forgetting to do it for myself. So right now, I want you to pause for a moment and think about what are the main priorities in your life. When you list your priorities, do YOU fall into that list? Does YOUR happiness fall into that list?

How do you make yourself show up there? Does it involve locking the bathroom and peeing alone? Some days, that’s all you might need. But if you really think about self-care, it might be regular exercise. Taking 20 minutes to plan healthy meals and snacks for the week and then buying just those things.

I don’t actually remember if I have had a bath since my son’s birth. So tonight, I’m going to wait until the kids go to bed, and I’m going to have a bath with a magazine. And it’s going to have bubbles. And maybe a candle. And I’m going to lock the door. Because I can.

Much love to you.


You make ALL the difference.