Skip Those Resolutions!

Like me, you’re probably noticing that almost every self-help or fitness blog is about New Year, New You right now. Well hey. Why break the mold?

But in my case, I’m thinking about some of the things we talk about in Body Back. At the beginning of each session, we set goals. We set 3 goals that we want to accomplish in 8 weeks, and 3 goals we want to accomplish in 1 year. There are loads of articles on reaching your goals, so I will not recap. I promise.

I set my own 2015 goals in the middle of 2014. A personal one was to compete in and complete a ½ marathon—scary because the last time I did this I competed on a sprain and wound up in physical therapy—I’m still licking the wounds of poor judgment 10 years later. A couple were business related: offer classes farther west, and to have a regular classtime for our prenatal fitness program, Fit4Baby.

Here’s where this gets more complicated. How do you translate goals into action?

What is your goal? Is it fitness related? What are the elements that will go into that goal? If your goal is “start running” or “lose weight”, those goals are really vague and may not inspire you to make them happen. If you change your goals to “be able to run a full mile without stopping,” or “eat 5 servings of vegetables a day,” great.

You might accomplish a running goal by mapping out a half mile route from your house and run until you can’t anymore, then finish your route walking. If you can commit to 3 attempts per week, you may well be able to get to a full mile within a month, running a little farther (one more telephone pole?) every time. If you do an internet search, you can find a Couch to 5K program that will give you a plan of attack. Maybe signing up for a 5K will make you step off that precipice and get you accountable for your goal.

In the meantime, coming to Stroller Strides or Body Back classes will help you build on your fitness level, so that when you DO start to run, you'll have better cardiovascular conditioning, and better core strength--critical for supporting your back after baby.

The first Sunday in March, we will be resuming our Run4Mom run club with a goal setting session and a fit clinic at Marathon sports. Until then, follow us on the Fit4Mom Twin Cities – Stroller Strides Facebook or Twitter pages, and keep an eye out for updates that will help you get started!


You make ALL the difference.