Top 10 Reasons to Get YOUR Body Back

Chances are, if you're reading this, you're a mom.

You have put your time in nursing, you have cuddled, rocked, swayed, bounced your baby to sleep, your children come into your bed for morning snuggles, sit on your lap while you eat, ask you to read when you're folding clothes, yell at you about the yogurt while you're on a call to your boss, etc. You have shared your body with them. You're a good mom. But now it's time to get your body back. It's going to be yours for a long time.

10. You get to have Mom's Night (or morning) Out TWICE A WEEK. Yes, it's a workout, but it's also some great "me" time.

9. It's already in your schedule, so you know how you're going to fit your workout in. You can choose either a morning or an evening session to fit YOUR busy schedule. Once you book, you know where you're going to be, every Tuesday and Thursday, for just 8 weeks.

8. When you feel like giving up, you have someone to cheer you on! The program is run by an experienced and empathetic coach who has BEEN THERE.

7. Who wants to diet? Why not eat yummy food?? All the recipes were designed by a nutritionist to be the perfect nutritional profile for a busy mom, AND be kid friendly.

6. It's a great way to make friends--a closed course means that you see the same people from start to finish.

5. You're more likely to stick with a program if you work out with friends! Studies show that people who work out with a group of friends are more likely to continue their exercise program.

4. You may just find out your TRUE potential! What you think you can do, and what you ACTUALLY can do might just be two different things.



1. It's YOUR body, just better. Claim it. Make it stronger, faster, healthier. This program is designed to make you feel better about yourself, You can't fail at it. You can't win at it. It's you time.


You make ALL the difference.