What's YOUR story?

What’s YOUR story?

My challenge to you is to listen CAREFULLY to your story and decide if it’s serving you.

Let me illustrate my point with a couple of anecdotes.

My mother has always had arthritis for as far back as I can remember. It was one of those things we knew. She couldn’t do a certain thing because she had arthritis. She knitted not only because she was good at it, but because it was also good for the arthritis. But it became MY story too. A couple of years before I turned 40, I mentioned that when it was cool and rainy, I had a hard time feeling warm. I would wear many layers, socks, slippers, etc, drink hot tea, etc. “Maybe you’re starting to get arthritis.” She said. That’s all it took. I watched my fingers for any sign of ache. I would get cold when it rained, just WAITING to get one of those magic weather forecasting joints (you always hear from the guy who broke his leg 20 years ago, “my leg aches when it’s going to rain”).

Then, last year, my mother mentioned in passing that she had had rheumatic fever when she was a kid, and that’s why she probably got arthritis so young. What the WHAT now? I had internalized a “story” about how my life was going to be, but it was based on the musings of someone who didn’t have or share all the facts.

In another case, I recently had a sales coaching call with FIT4MOM’s senior sales managers. I was telling one of them that I was going through a slow time, because the weather was changing, and it’s always like this when the weather changes. She said “I want you to let go of that story.” I thought, Wait a second. What STORY, here?? She said, maybe someone said something to you once about how it’s the end of winter and it/s gray, and they don’t want to go out, and you decided that everyone felt that way. So NOW, maybe you tell people “Oh, the weather is changing, no one ever comes when it rains.” Maybe THEY start thinking, “oh, it’s raining, no one ever comes,” so they don’t either.

I dug into the numbers, and discovered that our attendance was actually UP.

She challenged ME to change that story, and it turns out our rainy day classes are very well attended, thankyouverymuch.

So my question to YOU, is what is YOUR story? What is it you’re telling yourself? “I’m not a runner.” “I don’t like working out.” “I don’t like vegetables.” “I can’t do x because….” And I ask you. DOES THIS SERVE YOU? If you have a story, it may decide who you are, rather than who you WANT to be. Let’s hear your DREAMS, not your stories.


You make ALL the difference.