What CAN you do in the first 6 weeks after birth? »

You had a baby, they sent you home from the hospital, and you are dying to get moving already.

What CAN you do? This printable PDF shows you what you can do in the first 6 weeks after your baby is born. Hint: going for a run is NOT one of them.

If you want to talk to a trained pre and postnatal fitness professional about creating a plan for regaining your fitness, email our owner at


Prenatal Fitness »

Learn about what you CAN and can NOT do while you're pregnant!

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is the governing body in the U.S. for guidelines regarding exercise & pregnancy (among many other things). The research in this category has been varied for many years, however, as of 2002, we knew that exercise was not only OK during a healthy was RECOMMENDED! These guidelines have just been reaffirmed this month (December 2015).

Read FIT4MOM's Fitness Director's blog post about prenatal fitness and what the ACOG recommendations mean.


Help with Postpartum Mood Disorders »

Sometimes having a baby isn't what you expected. It can be really lonely and very hard. If you find that you are not feeling the way you had hoped, you may have a postpartum mood disorder.

It may not be depression. Anxiety is underdiagnosed, so if things just don't feel right, and you still don't see something on the checklist please contact someone and talk about it.

Please see our printable PDF to help decide if you have a PPMD.

Here are some contacts:

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota

Jenny's Light

Postpartum Progress


Help with Breastfeeding »

There are lots of ways you can get help.

There are La Leche League chapters all over the Twin Cities, as well as IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).

Anyone who takes an interest in breastfeeding can call themselves a breasfeeding counselor, and many are very good, but if you have a problem with latch (no it shouldn't hurt), or milk supply, call an IBCLC or see your local La Leche League, and you should find the help you need. Some do house calls. Because mama, those first couple of weeks are HARD.

Here's a list of the IBCLCs I know personally:

Liz Abbene

Jen Mason

Natasha Rheaume-Reilly

Azsani Stoddard...


You make ALL the difference.