Body Back


Hilary »

"I wish I had started sooner! ... I am very thankful that you talked me into Body Back last year, I feel it really gave me the kickstart I needed to get back into shape and return to a healthier more balanced lifestyle!"


Kate »

Body Back was the perfect post-baby health and fitness kick-starter. It took a lot of commitment and dedication as a busy mom of four to carve out the time for myself, but I came to look forward to the challenging and always changing workouts with Emily. I loved the variety and intensity of the workouts and the support of other moms in an environment where I felt both challenged and accepted. I would definitely recommend this program to other moms looking to make their own heath and well being a priority!


Cynthia »

Body Back is an awesome workout program. Some aspects I love are:

1) variety of workouts are offered at all different levels of difficulty.

2) trainer pushes you to a whole new level.

3) It is nice to mix up my workouts rather than just going to the gym. It's easy to get stuck doing the same exercises day after day. Boring!

4) Having to be weighed in every week really holds you accountable.

5) It is absolutely gratifying to watch the pounds and inches melt away.

6) This program really does work.

All these reasons are why I'm signed up for another session!


Anne-Marie »

I know I couldn't have started to meet my goals of mental health managing the anxiety and depression that I struggle with on a daily basis with out the supportive , kick start that was our very first Body Back Group. Everyone was so supportive of one another


You make ALL the difference.