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April Mom of the Month

Meet Kate O'Dwyer

When a woman becomes a mother, we often forget who she was before motherhood. Isn't it funny how tummy-time and breastfeeding or baby babbles and bottle warnings suddenly "define" who we are as a human postpartum? That's why we're vowing to share real mamas within our communities, both inside and outside of mamahood. Today, we want you to meet Kate O'Dwyer who is a longtime member of our FIT4MOM Twin Cities village, but is also mama to Emmett and Garrett, wife to Darren O'Dwyer. Before joining our village and before having babies, Kate was a Compliance Officer and Business Team Manager where she maintained compliance with various government state and federal laws, ran office operations, including supervision of staff and human resources. Today she is a stay at home mom who juggles two kids, staying fit, and developed a passion for home improvement projects. We are so thankful Kate is part of our #FIT4MOM family, and she is a shining example of one powerful boss babe!