February Mom of the Month

Meet Jenn Espinosa-Goswami

When a woman becomes a mother, we often forget who she was before motherhood. Isn't it funny how tummy-time and breastfeeding or baby babbles and bottle warmings suddenly "define" who we are as a human postpartum? That's why we're vowing to share real mamas within our communities, both inside and outside of mamahood.

Today, we want you to meet Jenn Espinoza-Goswami, who is part of our FIT4MOM Twin Cities village, but is also mama to Jade and Asha and wifey to Pratip.

Before joining our village and before having babies, Jenn was a Certified Fraud Investigator for Wells Fargo and TCF, where she analyzed trends in financial data to prevent & detect fraud schemes. She also holds a Master’s degree in Leadership from Augsburg College, and was an officer in Toastmasters International.

Today she is a full-time Health coach and Happy Family ambassador, who guides moms to achieve body bliss and raise healthier families. She is happiest Speaking to places like Target and TOPS about how she has maintained her own 100 lb weight loss for 2 decades.

We are so thankful Jenn is part of our #FIT4MOM family, and she is a shining example of one powerful boss babe!